Sunday, January 6, 2013

Add Java Swing GUI Toolkit Window Builder to Eclipse

Java Swing is very import when you develop Desktop Applications using Java language for making Graphical User Interfaces. Probably developers use Eclipse for developing Java Applications. However, by default Eclipse doesn't contains Graphical User Interface design tool on it. As a result of that we need to manually add Window Builder to Eclipse.
Click links for examples for adding window builder.

  At the beginning, choose a Eclipse Juno or Eclipse Indigo whatever you like and open Eclipse. Click on the Help toolbar and click on Install New Software.
Then, open the Web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera) and paste this URL , then you will see Eclipse Versions and their corresponding links. Hence, right click on the link select Copy link address as shown in figure.
Then, paste that to the opened window in Eclipse and press Enter and add check for both Swing Designer and WindowBuilder as shown in figure below and click Next.
After that,  install that as usual and Restart the Eclipse for applying changes. Then try to create new java project by clicking File > New > Java Application and give Test as a name and press Enter. Inside the project on src, right click on src and select New > Other. 
 Now, you can add Jframe and JInternalFrames as you wish.
After choosing JFrame or whatever, click Next and give a name so that eclipse generate that class.
Now click Design view to see the JFrame so there you drag and drop labels, text box's, buttons etc to the JFrame.

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  1. how to add another tab like source code tab and design tab in the windowbuilder editor.

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